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French drains: a protection against infiltration in Montréal

Excavation Mottillo Et Fils Inc. installs French drains: a protection against infiltration in Montréal. If you notice any signs of moisture or mould in your home, don't wait until the situation gets worse. Ask us to intervene on your property.

The risks generated by insufficient drainage

Infiltration problems often occur on poorly drained land or when your home is built above a water table or near a body of water. Their consequences are important for your home because water infiltration directly affects the strength of concrete walls. In addition, mould may appear, affecting the air quality in your home.

A solution to protect the foundations of your home

The French drain is a pipe installed on the foundations of a building. The models we install are wrapped in a Delta MS geotextile membrane, which meets current standards and is used to retain fine particles and sand. This drainage pipe can be connected to a pumping basin or to the public stormwater collection system.

Our teams dig trenches around your home to install the drain and connect it to a drainage system or a pit. They install the geotextile membrane and backfill according to legally required procedures.

Contact our company, Excavation Mottillo Et Fils Inc., to entrust us with your excavation work or sewer unclogging. We will quickly provide you with an estimate for your project.

Your expansion or excavation projects

Ask us to take charge of digging foundations or destroying swimming pools.

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