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Sewer replacement, repair and unclogging in Montréal

Individuals, professionals, public organizations, territorial communities, call upon Excavation Mottillo Et Fils Inc. for all sewer creation, sewer replacement, repair and unclogging in Montréal. We intervene quickly to solve urgent problems and carry out your construction or network renovation projects.

Our civil engineering services for the creation of sewers

As a supplier to Montréal, our company provides all services related to the wastewater network in accordance with the standards required by the engineers in charge of urban projects. We perform several types of operations, such as:

  • New street sections for new construction.

  • New street sections when the basement must be lowered

  • Pipe inserts when the configuration of the premises allows it

  • The creation of catch basins and sewer manholes

  • Civil engineering works necessary for the installation or extension of the network

Our work for the maintenance of existing networks

Whether in the private or public sector, our teams apply identical procedures and standards to maintain pipelines. They intervene, in particular, in:

  • Emergency work for any sewer problem

  • Complete pipe replacements 

  • Sewer section repairs

  • Pipe knockouts

  • Tests and inspections with cameras to define the location and severity of problems

Contact Excavation Mottillo Et Fils Inc. for more information on our sewer cleaning services or excavation services.

Creation and maintenance of your water inlets

Entrust us with the installation of new pipes and the maintenance of your pipes.

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