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Creation and maintenance of your water systems in Montréal

Our company, Excavation Mottillo Et Fils Inc., is involved in the creation and maintenance of your water systems in Montréal. Our teams travel, at the request of individuals or professionals, to ensure that your pipes work optimally.

Our services for the creation of drinking water networks

Excavation Mottillo Et Fils Inc. is carrying out work to install new water pipes for projects sponsored by individuals as well as private or public companies. On all our sites, we work in compliance with the standards required by the engineers of the City of Montréal, of which we are a supplier, in order to proceed with:

  • New street sections for new construction

  • New street sections when it is necessary to lower the basement

  • Pipe inserts or pulls when this technique is available

  • Civil engineering works related to the installation of new pipelines

Our interventions to maintain existing installations

Our company assists its clients, both private and public, to maintain drinking water pipes in good working order. We take care of:

  • Repairs and sprinkler entry installations (underground only)

  • Complete replacement of water inlets

  • Removal of iron and lead pipes and their replacement by copper pipes

  • Repairs to water inlet sections

  • Emergency interventions for water leaks

  • Tests and inspections with cameras

Feel free to contact Excavation Mottillo Et Fils Inc. to request additional information on our water main or sewerage network maintenance services.

Protect your home from infiltration

The French drain is an effective protection against infiltration problems in your home.

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