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Excavation or pipe installation in Montréal

Are you looking for a company for your excavation or pipe installation in Montréal? Our company, Excavation Mottillo Et Fils Inc., is at your service to manage your projects, replace lead pipes or redevelop the soil on your land.

Installation and maintenance of your sewerage or water networks

In order to proceed with the installation or repair of sewer pipes or water pipes, our teams are involved, in particular, in:

  • Cut off new streets for new construction or to lower the basement

  • Insert pipes or replace complete sections of pipes

  • Create catch basins and sewer manholes

  • Urgently solve problems of clogged sewers or water leaks

  • Inspect your networks with cameras

Our expertise at the service of your excavation projects

We offer our clients in the private, public, municipal and institutional sectors the opportunity to carry out their construction and demolition projects, such as:

  • Excavations for underpinning, foundations or the creation of parking lots

  • Destruction of swimming pools, concrete slabs, hangars and buildings

  • Residential expansion work

Contact us by phone at 514-813-0011 or 514-813-0411. You can also use our online form to tell us about your excavation or sewer network creation needs.

Our solutions to your infiltration problems

To ensure that your home keeps its walls healthy, even if it is built near a spring or body of water, we recommend that you install a French drain. Installed near the foundations, this pipe is wrapped in a Delta MS geotextile membrane, in accordance with current standards. It is connected to the public rainwater harvesting system or to a basin specifically designed for water harvesting.

Installation, repair and maintenance of sewers

Contact us for an emergency intervention to unclog your blocked pipes.

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